About Messengers of Peace Mission

Messengers of Peace Mission Foundation is not a political party nor does it have affiliation with any political ideology. It is a socio-religious body of the faithful striving to uphold principles of equality, fraternity and justice. We believe we are all messengers of peace. MPM is working for universal peace, harmony and justice under the guidance of Messengers of Allah. We believe in the worship of one God who has no form or image. We aim to elevate the spirirual quotient in the life of the common man.

What We Do

Messengers of Peace Mission Foundation are doing so many charities work, some are listed below:

Education Upliftment

We implements various programs to improve the quality of education various areas

Scientific Research

Promote excellece and competence in the scientific research field for the profit of mankind

students counselling

With a focus of developing self-awareness and self-directedness in the students

Medical aid & Relief

Seeks to address problems of mobility, accessibility and availability of primary healthcare

Legal aid

We endeavours to eliminate injustice from the society and engaged to promote justice

Social Work

We work to implement the varius scheme to develop and improve the socio-economic status of the society

"Those who in charity spend of their goods by night and by day, in secret and in public, have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve"
- Holy Quran(2:274).

Meet Our Mentors

MPM is managed by a Board of Trustees comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise.

Abdul Azim
Fahad Khurram
General Seceratory - ZFI
Mumtaz Najmi
School Teacher
Iftikar Ali Hashmi
Writer - The Hindu
Ziya Us Salam



It has always been pleasure to work with MPM. I can tell that MPM team have dedication towards his work and tries to help the society in best possible way. Be it children,or women, they aims to help them in best possible way.

New Delhi

These are only few of the activities that is carrying out by the MPM team for the last so many month with immense hard work, dedication, perseverance and with a vision to support and uplift the economically & socially deprived people.


Very Nice to know that people are recognizing MPM efforts in giving back to the society that is the reason donors are coming forward voluntarily with their contributions. We wishes MPM team that they achieve higher milestones in their genuine cause of service to people.

Saudi Arab