About Messengers of Peace Mission

Messengers of Peace Mission Foundation is not a political party nor does it have affiliation with any political ideology. It is a socio-religious body of the faithful striving to uphold principles of equality, fraternity and justice. We believe we are all messengers of peace.

MPM is working for universal peace, harmony and justice under the guidance of Messengers of Allah. We believe in the worship of one God who has no form or image. We aim to elevate the spirirual quotient in the life of the common man. We strive to take forward the message of all the 124000 Prophets and Messengers of Allah who have been sent to all the peoples of the world.

We uphold the Constitution of India, striving to uphold it in letter and spirit. We regard all Indians as brothers cutting across barriers of religion, region or caste. We believe in being the change we want to see in our society. All change begins with self. Like a father strives to protect his family from heat and cold, we endeavour to save the humanity from slipping into the quicksands of materialism, superstition and myth by enlightening them to the purpose of life, the reason for their birth, etc.

Meet Our Mentors

MPM is managed by a Board of Trustees comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise.

Abdul Azim
Fahad Khurram
General Seceratory - ZFI
Mumtaz Najmi
School Teacher
Iftikar Ali Hashmi
Writer - The Hindu
Ziya Us Salam